How do I connect KuCoin API to my Eazybot?

In your EazyBot from the Dashboard/Home

Click on the 2 lines at the top left of the page (top middle on phone)

Click on My Exchanges 

Click on blue Add User Exchange

Connection Name

- for example KuCoin

Exchange - KuCoin

Create API Passphrase (used once in EazyBot and in KuCoin)


In KuCoin

Click on the Circle with Initials located at the bottom right corner

Click on API Management

Click Create API in green

Label API Name

    - example EazyBot

Enter API Passphrase (same as EazyBot)

Click Trade Only

Recommended Click Yes and app Trusted IP address:        

Click Next

Click "I'm not a robot" and selected requested images (if it populates)

Do Not Save Password when prompted

Enter 6 Digit Trading Password (Created when registered KuCoin account)

Click on Send Code in green

    - Check your KuCoin Registered Email and input 6 Digit code in KuCoin

Enter 2FA Google Authenticator Code (Created when you registered KuCoin account)     

Click Confirm

Email was sent to the KuCoin Registered Email

    - Open email account on same browser as KuCoin is open

    - Open KuCoin API Activation email

    - Click on Activate API in green in email

    - New KuCoin Window will open