Troubleshooting & Errors

Insufficient Coin Error Message

INSUFFICIENT COIN ERROR MESSAGE - look at the italic error sell message at the bottom of the trade and get the coin Quantity that the bot was trying to sell - go to your bot settings gear and look at the available coin amount - get the difference in the amount it was trying to sell from the available amount - look at the current market price of said coin - multiple the difference of the coin with the current market price - that will give you the USDT value of what you will hav...

KuCoin Exchange Error(429) - How To Fix

KuCoin Exchange Error (429) may cause your bot to stop trading. KuCoin has informed us that server upgrades planned for July 2022 should eliminate this error. How To Fix: If you have noticed that your bot has stopped trading with this error, go to Setting (gear icon), change the status from In-Active to Active and click Save. Your bot should start trading as normal again. Additional Help: Click Here for - How To ReStart An In-Active Bot (

How To ReStart An In-Active Bot

In the event your Bot becomes In-Active, restarting it is very Eazy to do. Follow these simple steps to start trading again. Video Guide:

Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action (Binance)

When you get this error, it means that your API key has not been set up or connected correctly. Most of the time, the issue is that you may have forgotten to Edit Permission and add Spot and Margin Trading. Solution: Go back to Binance API > Click Edit Permissions > Enable Spot & Margin Trading > Go To Eazy Bot and start your trades again. Otherwise, delete the current API key and create a new one. Be sure to enable permissions as state above. How To Connect Binance API:...