How To Start Trading With EazyBot with KuCoin?

Once you have funded your KuCoin account with USDT TRC20 or USDT BEP20 and API is connected

From Dashboard/Home


Click on Bots at the top middle (on web browser only)


Click 2 line at the top left (top middle on phone)

Click My Bot 

Click the + sign on Add New

Title it whatever you like

     - for example the coin you are going to trade and date: BTC 09/22/2022

Use Default Configuration is preselected

     - For experienced traders, you can choose to unselect to change strategy and parameters

Select Exchange

     - KuCoin

Select Coin

     - for example BTC

Enter amount you would like to trade in Balance

     - the recommended amount to start a trade is $600 to optimize the default strategy; In KuCoin, you can start with $300 USDT

Auto Compounding is preselected

Initial Order is automatically calculated 

Click Save