How do I withdraw funds out of my EazyBot Reserve Wallet?

From the Dashboard/Home 

Click on the 2 lines at the top left of the page (top middle on phone)

Click on My Wallet

Click Withdraw

Enter amount you wish to withdraw in Withdrawal Amount Requested 

     - Your Current Balance is the available balance you are able to withdraw

Processing Fee 2 USDT TRC20

     - Minimum 25 USDT

     - Maximum 999 USDT (you can submit multiple requests consecutively)

Add USDT TRC20 Deposit Address 

Click Withdraw

Check 2FA Google Authenticator (GA) code

     - It will prompt you to Enable 2FA from your Eazybot Profile (if you have not Enabled 2FA)

Add GA Code

Click Submit

     - Requests will be deposited into your receiving account within 24 hours