Crypto Exchange and API Setup

What is an API connection?

An application programming interface (API) is a connection between computers or between computer programs. The API connects exchanges such as, Binance.US and KuCoin to the EazyBot software.

How do I connect Binance API to my Eazybot?

In your EazyBot from the Dashboard/Home Click on the 2 lines at the top left of the page (top middle on phone) Click on Bot Management Click on User Exchanges Click on blue Add User Exchange Connection Name - for example Binance Exchange - Binance In Binance Click on the Profile Icon located at the top right corner between Orders and Bell Click on API Management Label API key to process label (example EazyBot) Click on Create API Click Edit Permissions - Check Enable Spot & M...

How To Add the Trusted IP to your Binance API

For added security we recommend using the Trusted IP option for your API connection. If you do not have the Trusted IP enabled for your API connection, follow these simple instructions to edit the permissions. Log in to your Binance account Click the Profile Icon Then choose API Management Click Edit Restrictions Click Restrict Access To Trust IP's Enter the Trusted IP Click Confirm Click Save PDF Guide Here:

How do I start trading with EazyBot in Binance?

Once you have funded your Binance account with USDT and API is connected - Ensure you have a small amount of BNB in your trading account (approximately 2%-3%) In EazyBot From Dashboard/Home Click 2 line at the top left (top middle on phone) Click Bot Management Click Bots Click the + sign on Add New Title it whatever you like - for example the coin you are going to trade and the exchange you are using BTC Binance - or BTC KuCoin (more exchanges to come) if you are trading on multipl...

I’m in the US. Can I use Binance as my exchange account?

For US residents, please be sure you are using

I'm in Canada. Can I use Binance as my exchange account? isn't functional in Ontario, but it is functional in other parts of Canada.