EazyBot Deposits and Withdrawals

How do I fund my EazyBot?

For New Members From the Dashboard/Home Click on Add Funds Choose USDT (TRC20) or USDT (BEP20) Add Deposit Amount Estimated Processing Fees is also listed with the amount you wish to deposit (Does Not include exchange fees) Copy the Deposit Address - Deposit address is a ONE-TIME USE TRC20 address - Deposit address is ONLY Valid for 24 hours Add Deposit Address to USDT (TRC20) or USDT (BEP20) Withdrawal in any TRC20/BEP20 Wallet/Exchange Do not close the Deposit Address window unti...

What if I have Not received my Deposit in EazyBot?

Please complete the form with the required information if you have not received your EazyBot deposit after 24 hours: https://bit.ly/EBDeposit

When can I withdraw my money from EazyBot?

EazyBot withdrawal requests will be deposited between 24-72 hours. ENSURE you are using the USDT TRC20 Network If you submit a withdrawal request from your EazyBot wallet and confirm with the one time password (OPT) 2FA, funds will be distributed within 24 - 72 hours. The service charge is 2 USDT. You can withdraw a minimum of 25 USDT and a maximum of 999 USDT. You can submit multiple withdrawals if you have more than 999 USDT that you would like to withdraw on the same day. Your funds ...

How do I withdraw funds out of my EazyBot Reserve Wallet?

From the Dashboard/Home Click on the 2 lines at the top left of the page (top middle on phone) Click on My Wallet Click Withdraw Enter amount you wish to withdraw in Withdrawal Amount Requested - Your Current Balance is the available balance you are able to withdraw Processing Fee 2 USDT TRC20 - Minimum 25 USDT - Maximum 999 USDT (you can submit multiple requests consecutively) Add USDT TRC20 Deposit Address Click Withdraw Check the email that you registered with for the OTP cod...

What other costs are involved?

Besides the Advanced $250 and VIP $995 annual cost, the Software Service Fee (SSF) is 30% for Free subscriptions and 20% for Advanced and VIP subscriptions for every profitable trade. Example, if the bot makes $10 profit in a trade, the SSF is $3 for the Free accounts and $2 for Advanced and VIP accounts.

As EazyBot takes its fees from my reserve account, will I get a warning when my reserve account is running low on funds?

Yes. EazyBot will send you alerts when your reserve account is running low on funds. Before the funds run out, you’ll simply replenish the account to continue earning with EazyBot.

What is the Processing fee?

EazyBot Deposit Processing Fee is indicated on Estimated Processing Fee when you enter an amount you want to Deposit EazyBot Withdrawal Processing Fee is 2 USDT TRC20 - You can only withdraw to a USDT TRC20 wallet - Minimum withdrawal 25 USDT - Maximum withdrawal 999 USDT (you can submit multiple requests consecutively)