Frequently Asked Questions

Is my money safe?

EazyBot doesn’t have permission or access to withdraw funds from your exchange account. To cover EazyBot’s Software Service Fees on every profitable trade completed for you, you’ll fund a reserve account in EazyBot from where EazyBot can take from. This way, there’s full transparency.

How risky is this?

Crypto Currency has risk due to its volatility. EazyBot doesn’t hold the coins that rise and fall with the market causing loss. EazyBot has been programmed with a default setting that is pre-set with winning strategies for optimal success. As the price of the coin goes up, EazyBot sells your position, captures the profit, and then opens a new trade. If the market begins to go down, it will automatically buy additional positions to automatically “dollar-cost-average” for you. Then when the market...

Do I need to have crypto trading experience?

No experience required. EazyBot can be used by someone completely new to crypto currency as well as experienced traders.

How can Experienced Traders use EazyBot?

Your Strategy. Your Control. With EazyBot's numerous customizable settings, you're in total control of your trading strategy. Whether you're day trading, scalping or just tinkering, EazyBot puts you in the driver's seat with the ability to modify existing strategies or create your own.

Is there a back office where I can find training videos and other support materials?

Yes! You can access all the training videos and support materials in your back office and on our mobile marketing app.

Who has access to the EazyBot marketing funnels?

Every user of EazyBot has full access to the entire marketing platform. Whether you are on the Free, Advanced, or VIP Level Package, you can access our EazyBot marketing funnels and automation system without restrictions.