Insufficient Coin Error Message


- look at the italic error sell message at the bottom of the trade and get the coin Quantity that the bot was trying to sell

- go to your bot settings gear and look at the available coin amount

- get the difference in the amount it was trying to sell from the available amount 

- look at the current market price of said coin

- multiple the difference of the coin with the current market price

- that will give you the USDT value of what you will have to trade/convert from USDT to the said coin

- go to Binance and convert USDT to said coin; or KuCoin and trade USDT to said coin; in the amount of calculated USDT

- go back to bot settings and check the available coin balance is equal to or more than what it tried to sell

- activate the bot and click Save

- the bot will either sell within a minute or once it recognizes that you activated the bot with the appropriate amount of said coin