How To Set Up Google Authenticator 2FA


Setting Up Google Authenticator is Eazy.

Google Authenticator must be installed on a mobile phone or tablet.
Click Here to Download from Apple Store
Click Here to Download from Google Play Store

Step 1
- Enable Two Factor Authentication in your EazyBot Profile
- Enter your account password to continue to setup

Step 2
- Open Google Authenticator
- Scan the QR Code or Manually Enter the Setup Key into Google Authenticator
- If using the manual setup key, you will need to enter an Account name.  You can name this EazyBot. Click Add.

Step 3
- Enter the 6 digit Authenticator code into EazyBot

Congratulations - You have successfully set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)!


Google Authenticator uses time-based verification.  Each code is only valid for a few seconds.  Be sure to enter the code before the timer runs out and a new code is presented.  If you run out of time, simply re-enter the new code.

Lost or New Phone:
Ensure you save your Goggle Authenticator Key in a secure place!!!  Google Authenticator will not bring connected applications into a fresh install.  To connect with another device or add a second device, click the 3 dots on the top right and export. On your new device, you will be able to scan the QR code to add the EazyBot connection.

If you have lost access to your device and cannot recover your 2FA, please contact support.  Manually recovered accounts will have not be able to process withdrawals for 72 hours.