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Error Message: Any Exchange: Insufficient CRYPTO coins for selling. please add more CRYPTO to your exchange and reactivate the bot

When you see this error, you have to follow these Instructions Before Activating the Bot:

   - Do you have BNB in Binance for the Binance Fees (Required)?

In the meantime, please follow these instructions:

- look at the Italic Error Sell message of the Trade and get the Quantity of Specified Coin that the Bot was trying to Sell

- go to your Bot Settings gear and look at the Available Coin amount

- get the Difference in the Quantity it was trying to Sell from the Available amount

- You can choose Convert Option at this time or continue to Trade Option

Convert Option

- Convert from USDT/USD to Specified Coin Difference Quantity

Trade Option

- look at the current Market Price of the Specified Coin

- multiple the Difference of the Coin with the current Market Price

- this will provide you with the value of what you need to trade from USDT to the specified coin in terms of USDT/USD.

- go to Exchange (Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Coinbase) Trade and Buy Market said coin in USDT/USD value

The Trade and Convert Option now follows the same instructions.

- check the Available Coin balance in the Exchange is equal to or more than what it tried to Sell

- go back to Bot Settings and Activate the bot and click Save

- the Bot will either Sell within a minute or once it recognizes that you activated the Bot with the appropriate amount of Specified Coin

If you need assistance, please attend the EazyBot Support Zoom Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 1100am EST at

Updated on: 13/01/2024