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Error Message: KRAKEN Exchange Error(500): EOrder:Insufficient funds

If you see this error message: KRAKEN Exchange Error(500): EOrder:Insufficient funds

- Please follow these instructions:


- look at the italic error sell message at the bottom of the trade and get the quantity of coin that the bot was trying to sell

- go to your bot settings gear and look at the available coin amount

- get the difference in the quantity it was trying to sell from the available amount

- go to Kraken and convert USD to said coin

- go back to bot settings and check the available coin balance is equal to or more than what it tried to sell

- activate the bot and click Save

- the bot will either sell within a minute if the Price is still in a position to Sell or Buy if the market went back down

If you need assistance, please attend the EazyBot Support Zoom Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 1100am EST at

Updated on: 17/12/2023